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3. Collaborate

So Can I is always looking for ways to get involved with other likeminded brands + individuals! If you have a speaking engagement, event, or other collaboration in mind, let me know below!

2. Sponsor

Sponsorships allow So Can I to continue supporting female founded businesses by sharing their stories on our weekly episodes! If you are interested in sponsoring an episode, let me know below! 

1. pitch

Do you know someone who might be a good fit for the podcast? Share their info below! 

Use the contact form below or email me at hello@laurencunningham.co 


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Do you take sponsors

In full transparency, I am currently trying to figure out how I want to monetize the podcast. Sponsorships are definitely in So Can I's future. If you are interested in learning more, please fill out the form above or email me!

WHy did you start so can i?

I have always loved podcasts, learning, and business. So Can I was a natural fit for me! 

How do you book guests for your episodes?

A few different ways! I will directly contact a potential guest, a previous guest will give suggestions, or a listener will pitch someone!

Common FAQs:

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